Detective Agency DIY Book Nook Kit


Color: Detective Agency

Detective Agency
Detective Agency+Music Box


Feel the delight of detective reasoning, participation is rewarding, and the experience is pure joy. As you embark on the journey of pursuing your dreams, perhaps you will emerge as the next celebrated detective.


Product details:
Size: 11*18*27.3cm
Weight: About 1 Kg
Material: wood, paper, resin, plastic, metal, Led electronic kit set


This book nook kit is inspired by the classic novel "The Canon of Sherlock Holmes". We have meticulously recreated the detective's office, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of Sherlock Holmes and experience his wit and bravery.

Whoever is the real murderer, anything is possible.
The twists and turns of the question and answer, the unimaginable code, the incarnation of Sherlock Holmes seeks the truth.

Warm Tips:
Due to customs policy, glue or battery may not be included in the package, you need to prepare it by yourself.