Jungle Resort DIY Miniature House


Color: Jungle Resort

Jungle Resort
Jungle Resort+Dust Cover


Design concept: Let the inspiration be released freely, and create a space that the soul yearns for. 

This jungle resort diy dollhouse kit has three levels, including a loft with a bedroom, a study, and more, plus a dog house. Such fine construction details will have you yearning for a wonderful bush holiday.



Finished Size: 28*21*27cm
Material: Wood, paper, plastic, fabric, metal, latex, resin
Weight: 1.4Kg


Large pastoral-style living room, open kitchen, double-storey bedroom, and a small bar where you can drink, bring your beloved puppy, stay away from the hustle and bustle, return to romance, and enjoy the moment.

Build a real miniature world and make your home more artistic.

Warm Tips:

1. This is not a finished product, you need to assemble it yourself.
2. Due to customs policy, glue or battery may not be included in the package, you need to prepare it by yourself.