Magic Book House DIY Book Nook Kit


Color: Magic Book House

Magic Book House
Magic Book House+Dust Cover


This time, we took inspiration from Hogwarts and created a magical book nook of our own. there is a small world hidden inside, with pianos, magic books, curved stairs, etc. How amazing it will be when you put it on your bookshelf.


Product details:
Size: 11*17*25.2cm
Weight: About 1 Kg
Material: wood, paper, resin, plastic, metal, Led electronic kit set


The wooden bookshelves are adorned with a wide array of books, and when feeling weary from reading, one can turn around and play the piano, letting the melodies flow through the pages of the books.


No one can resist such a creative and beautiful gift! More delicate than ordinary handicrafts. In addition to experiencing the fun of DIY, it can also be used as a decoration.

Warm Tips:
Due to customs policy, glue or battery may not be included in the package, you need to prepare it by yourself.