Magic Shop DIY Miniature House Kit with 6 Sound Effects

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Color: Magic Shop+Dust Cover

Magic Shop+Dust Cover


Step into the enchanting world of DIY magic shop cottages! Unleash your creativity and craft your mystical haven with our easy-to-assemble kits. Our magical designs bring fantasy to life, from spellbinding potions to whimsical artifacts. 

6 Sound Effects

  • Ghostly Dance
  • Grass Singing
  • Whisper of the Wind
  • Firework Sounds
  • Chime of Bells
  • Bubbling Potion

Dive into the wonders of enchantment and create your magical universe today!

  • Function: Puzzle, Stress Relief, Sleep Aid
  • Finished Product Size: 180x145x154mm
  • Main Material: Wooden Density Board
  • Power Supply: USB Cable Plug-in
  • Scheduled Shutdown Setting: Automatic Shutdown in 15/30/45/60/75/90/105 minutes
  • Assembly time: 2~5 hours
  • Bonus: Embedded Acrylic Dust Cover

The Potion Stand is filled with an array of crystal bottles, each brimming with mystical powers and magic, waiting for you to explore.

Come and witness the magician concocting magical potions at the checkout counter!

Wands and other treasures are displayed on the second floor. Ascend the stairs to discover more treasures!

Spin the mysterious device, rumored to intercept messages from outer space.

Unleash Your Inner Sorcerer: Explore Our Magical Collection of Wands and Enchanting Artifacts!