Secret Rhythm Book Nook Kit


Color: Secret Rhythm

Secret Rhythm
Secret Rhythm+Dust Cover


Are you a passionate music enthusiast seeking to blend your love for music with a touch of artistic expression? Look no further! Our stylish and sophisticated book nook is the perfect sanctuary for music lovers like you. With its exclusive atmosphere and unique concept, this mini-music space is thoughtfully designed to captivate your senses and transport you into the enchanting world of melodies.

Product details:
Size: 11*18*23cm
Weight: About 1 kg.
Material: wood, paper, resin, plastic, metal, Led electronic kit set

The Secret Rhythm miniature kit comes alive with an array of charming ornaments, each thoughtfully chosen to celebrate the beauty of music. You'll find a miniature grand piano, classical guitar, vintage gramophone, and even intricately crafted musical scores and notes. Don't forget to spot the picture frames adorned with the legendary faces of Chopin and Mozart, honoring the masters who continue to inspire generations.

Assembling this captivating artwork is an exhilarating journey in itself. Unleash your creative power and witness the magic unfold at your fingertips. 

Warm Tips:
Due to customs policy, glue or battery may not be included in the package, you need to prepare it by yourself.